Is covid-19 affecting your coverage? 

This is an important question for both you and your family.

Life insurance is a very important way to provide financial stability to your loved ones after you pass, let’s see if covid-19 will affect your life insurance.

Will your burial life policy cover death due to covid 19?

Yes! Burial policies will pay out if you passed away due to covid-19.

If your Paying your premiums that means your burial life policy is currently enforced. The downside for new applicate things has changed. Many companies have created Amendments asking Covid related Questions.

However, that will not stop the company from rejecting a claim due to falsified information on the application when it was originally submitted. This is considered Insurance fraud.

If you are uncertain of any answers to the application have it reviewed. 

Can I Still Get A Burial life policy if I had Coronavirus?

Yes! Some insurers do not ask if you have ever been treated for or diagnosed with Covid.

 While others have specifically amended their application to ask disqualifying questions. As long as you can answer no to the questions related to the coronavirus you can still get cover.

Even If you are unable to qualify for a “preferred” rate policy you would still be eligible for a graded policy or a guaranteed-issue whole life policy. 

You would never be without some form of coverage. 

Can they raise my rate if I get Coronavirus? 

No! A burial policy is simply whole life insurance there are certain guarantees that go along with them.

A True “Whole Life” Police AKA Burial life policy will never have a rate increase. If you experience a rate increase you do not have a “Whole life” Policy. At no point in the future can they raise your rate. Never assume you have a whole life policy without Checking! (NOTE) Reviewing your documents is the only way to be sure if you have the correct plan. If your still unsure have your policy reviewed. At

I Can’t Pay My Burial Insurance policy anymore 

 If you can’t make your payment, call your insurer. There’s almost always a 30-day grace. Policies will stay enforce for 30 days after you miss your payment. Some companies are giving Relief by extending this Period For people who are unable to pay for their bills due to Covid.

Once The 30 days are up your policy will lapse. We recommend that you reduce your monthly premium keeping some of your coverage in place rather than lapsing your policy.

Talk to the company prior to lapsing your policy, you may have cash values that have build up. Ask the company what option you have. If you do not wish to continue your relationship with that company surrender your policy for the cash value as soon as possible.

If you have concerns with your current coverage / lack of coverage go to and get a free coverage review.

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