One of our most frequently asked questions at is what about the whole life insurance or Burial life insurance. What do you think about the company? Should I buy one?

Believe it or not, everyone’s situation is different and the answer is always going to come down to your situation. Always, Always, if it comes to buying or not buying your whole life, burial insurance to cover your final expenses our answer is always going to be to buy it

Benefits of buying Whole life insurance now.

1.)You made time to do it, it might be the first time it might not. Many people push it off for years, costing them BIG $$$. Sex, Age, Health are taken into account when calculating rates.

2.)Health only declines as we age. Less Important financial obligations will pile up. Making it more and more difficult to commit to purchasing “Whole life insurance. Now keep in mind A policy is always available, but waiting may result in a higher premium or less coverage.  

3.)The peace of mind is unmatched. You will be relieved knowing your final expenses are covered and your family won’t struggle financially after your gone. 


If you ask if you should purchase a Whole life policy immediately or wait 6 months We will always recommend you lock in a rate that’s affordable for you today. You cant cancel a policy you don’t have. Therefore we would rather see you with the option to cancel a preferred rate than see you 6 months later after a serious health issue. Getting younger and healthier is not an option.  

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