burial life insurance policies and why we recommend you buy one.

Simple Burial Life insurance

1.) get a quote

2. ) get covered.

(Unlike some life insurance that could take months waiting on Doctor Exams.)

Below are Sample Rates for a Guaranteed Issue Policy

(Rates Below are the Highest your rates could possibly be. Get a Quote to see how much you will save!!)

sample rates

John Smith's Burial Insurance Policy

John is a 5' 10" 285 LBS tobacco user. until now (age 65) He has put off covering his Final Expenses due to fear of being turned down or having to pay too much money.
He was sure that no company would accept someone using insulin for diabetes and lisinopril for high blood pressure!
He Did have a heart attack a few years back, so he knew he couldn't put it off any longer.
He decided to get online
This was his Experience use Shoplifepolicies.com

What is Burial Insurnace?

First, John didn't know what he needed.

After just a few minutes on ShopLifePolices.com, he found that it was a Burial Insurance policy he was looking for.


What John Learned

Burial insurance is whole life insurance but in its simplest form.

Why Is it good for John???

The level of Coverage is Based on your Answers.

First day or level Coverage.  

(All No's) 100% day one coverage. Most burial policies result in day one coverage.

Graded Coverage.

(Yes Answers)(Plans will vary by company) on average Year-1=30% of total policy Year-2 = 70% of total policy year 3=100% These plans are Recommended when possible over a Garennted Issue plan. Situations may Very

Modified Coverage. 

These are Return of premium plans. Exactly the same as the Guaranteed Issue plans, but cost more money. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE

Guaranteed Issue.

Return of Premium plan

The Level of coverage may differ but the structure of the plan will not.


Ease of Issue

 This means no Physical exams 


Premiums never go up. 

Rate is locked in at your current age and health. It will never increase!


Death Benefits will never go down

Regardless of any changes to your health or age.


builds cash value.

You can borrow against the accumulated cash value.


never be forced to cancel

Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

In John's case, the day that he wanted his quote was the 7th and he didn't get paid again until the 3rd. This worried him because he would have money to pay a premium today. He got a quote anyway and it was explained to him that he could get qualified have his policy sent to him so that everything was in place for the 3rd of next month.


How Do I Fill out My Application

John got his quotes and was ready to move forward. 

Every company is different, but there are three ways to collect and Submit a Burial Insurance Policy.
Notice!! At no point will an Agent need to Enter your Home. 

Voice Signature: You and your Agent will complete a phone interview with the insurance company. You will Verbally Sign the needed authorizations and complete the application via the phone using your voice. This requires no paperwork and gives an immediate decision. 

Email Signature: Your Agent will collect all the information needed and fill out the necessary forms for you. The insurance company will then send you an email. Every company has a slightly different email signature process but most give an immediate decision at signing. 

Paper Application: This is Rare but occasionally your agent will collect all the necessary information needed to fill in your application. The papers will be sent to your address for signing. Once you sign and return the paper we will verify the application and submit it to the company.


Why John Choose ShopLIfePolices.com for his burial life policy

One of John's biggest concerns was privacy this has kept him from getting his burial policy in the past. He didn't want agents showing up at his house trying to sell him a burial life policy. John knew he could afford the $15000 policy that was quoted. He was never asked to buy more than what was affordable.  ShopLifePolicies.com is a licensed insurance broker meaning They are able to

Quote in seconds


Submit the Application in minutes


Have your policy in Days. 

John Got his quote and was covered for $15000 that day.

Why Choose Shoppolcies.com

Accurate Policies everytime

  • Always On Time

    On Average, you will have your policy within 7 days.

  • Hard Working

    Let us do the work so you don't have to. 

  • 24/7 Availability

    Get Quote, Call, Or Email. We are here for you. 


What our Clients Say?

I helped my mother shop for her life insurance on your website. I have to say that was really fast and easy. Her policy is already here.

barbra welther

I bought a burial policy once before. I had to deal with an agent coming to my house. I bought this right from my tablet only talking to the agent on the phone for a few minutes to submit my application. AMAZING!!!!!

Adam Chase

Thank you for helping me finally get my policy in place. I have been putting it off for way too long.

Bruice Black

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